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just an expat with a blog
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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010
5:53 am
update and making goals salient
Wow, feels like forever since I posted. I used to reflect all the time and it seemed like I always had something on my mind with my continual life crisis. Now I'm I'm just ... "docile and tame." I sleep well, am happily single (mostly), quit pot/drugs, drink very moderately and can easily stop after a few, and don't have money problems. I've also spent most of the last year or so doing exactly what I feel like doing everyday. I don't think life is supposed to be that easy.

Despite having worked my ass off teaching and then in a sense buying my own free time for around a year, I still had the need to want to escape. My escape of choice is of course video game RPGs, particularly online final fantasy XI. Challenging and tedious long and short term goals. Monsters and objectives that can only be over come with large amounts of effort, time and team work. Lots of fun and even social. Fun, but alas an escape. I was burnt out after my time in China, and then most of my friends being far away or very busy with families or school, couldn't hang out like the old days. Cold long dark gray winter of Northern Michigan dragged on and made going outside less than an enjoyable. So I chilled out in the basement and escaped to a "better" place. Come Spring with urging from my mother, I started looking at school. But I was too late for this Fall. Pffft, all these tests and applications and preparation before they'll even take my money >.>

Long story sorta short, I decided I want to be an interpretive park ranger. It sounds like the right mix of teaching, nature, job satisfaction and not having to take work home with me. After deciding this some time in Spring, I applied to re-enter Michigan state... got in no prob, went to see some counselors, discussed my goals, got bounced between counselors and basically told I already have an undergraduate degree and should just jump right into a masters program for tourism/recreation... my GRE scores are 5+ years old and verbal/quantitative were a bit low but don't need to be too high. Sounded like great news, but after contacting suggested professors for mentoring and finally getting a hold of one... I was basically told I lacked the experience and should get some internships first. Fair enough. SO, I've been cramming for GRE, learning and re-learning math, building up vocabulary, and trying to work on my rusty writing skills. Which is part of why I'm writing this now.

Internship searching since around June-ish and nothing so far >.> They all require far less responsibility than teaching and pay way less (they provide housing and $70-160 a week) >.< After realizing the Student conservation association wasn't going to be as helpful at finding an internship, I applied for some volunteer positions at some parks. The volunteer positions don't pay but some provide housing others offer RV pads with full hook up. Plus, they're another great way to build up interpretive/tour guide type experience.

I still have some money saved and could totally afford a nice used Motorhome. A part of me really wants to become a nomad and live out of an RV for a while. I imagine going all out with an awning, grass mat, and hot pepper christmas lights. Plus, during nice weather I'd take my wii and TV outside to play tennis :D Nothing can go wrong with that plan right?

As for goals, I need to keep reviewing math, building up vocab, reading skills, and refresh my lost writing skills. Being self motivated is hard ;_;

(please excuse grammar errors, too lazy to check at the moment)
Friday, October 30th, 2009
2:59 am
Hello Journal. I am back home and have been back home since July 5th ish, but just haven't felt like posting in LJ. I think I've finally solved my existential crisis by not caring as much and just (sorta) living well and lying to myself. Its working for me and I can fall asleep at night.

I've been playing my online RPG a lot. Its been fun :D I swear I've gotten as much or more pleasure from my "virtual" accomplishments as I had with real life accomplishments while teaching. I'll spare you details, but I've been progressing through the challenging story missions kicking ass and helping kill strong stuff. Shits situational usually but I got the very best helmets for TP gain/idle and Weaponskills ^_^ and since its a Japanese game with low drop rates and stuff that requires massive cooperation you know they weren't easy to get. Like 2 maybe drop every real life week (maybe) and with 15000 or so people with records on the server not everyone can get one! The helmet drops from a giant scorpion that only appears every 21-24 hours in a certain part of the desert when the weather is dusty/sandstormy. Which is sorta random when it happens. You could go hours beyond 24 hours without seeing it o.O" Then other linkshells (guilds) compete to claim it then you have to "kite" it around for 15, 20, 30, 60 minutes until about 15-18 of your friends show up to quickly rush in and zerg it with all your abilites and such (I'll spare you the names of the abilities). A lot can go wrong in the time you kite it around and I've watched pro players die kiting it and losing claim on him. So after all that work to claim, kite it around, waiting for your friends and then rushing in to kill it... it only drops the damn helmet about 43% of the time. AND I GOT IT! :D

I haven't only been a nerd. I've been going on nature hikes outside in the forests near my house. A month or 2 ago I saw a coyote, coyote poop in various places, deer tracks, bear tracks and Bear poop! Yes, I saw bear poop and tracks like 100 yards from where I sleep! I saw the tracks and fresh poop within a week of each other, so that land must/probably is part of its territory. However, I haven't seen ANY evidence of it in the yard or at our garbage. Interesting. My outspoken hunter neighbor says that he has seen it and that its like 300 pounds! Exciting! I have had many dreams about bears and would LOVE to see one in the forest.

I'm trying to decide what I want to do next with my life. I'm leaning toward (and kinda dreading) going back to school and starting a 3rd and hopefully FINAL career path. I'm leaning toward wildlife biology focusing on research/conservation and pharmacy. Wildlife bio sounds interesting and necessary and fulfilling, but I'd get paid about the same or less (probably less) than I did while teaching >.> LAME! and Pharmacists make like 100k a year.

Whenever I see a commercial with someone saying "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life!" I think... is that person doing what they love? Advertisement? Really? REALLY?! Advertisement is what makes you happy? BULLSHIT! Anyone that says that shit is trying to sell you something or projecting their own misery and trying to help you/making small talk. 100k a year and not having to take my job home would make me PLENTY happy :D Pffft, 30-40k would >.> 100k and I could have a big ass family, and put children and nieces and nephews through college lol. BUT both of those mean I'll have to learn Calculus... ewwww. I dodged the big "C" once but not this time. BUT if I did go back to school I'd be the old focused kid in the front telling the little freshmen shits to "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I'd have to live in the grad dorm or something.

So yeah, I'm not sure what I'm going to do next or how to better myself next. Maybe I'll read out of my old Plato and Aristotle books? Nah, I'll just play FFXI some more. Oh yeah, this web series describes my lifestyle pretty well :P

Monday, June 22nd, 2009
6:14 am
I was made to proctor the 8th grade History tests today in normal crazy Chinese fashion. Show up for the review for 5th period in one room and then 15 minutes before the period ends we moved to another room to actually take the Final? Why the move? Who knows. Anyhoo, I get to the room at the scheduled time for the 8(6) class teacher and she is late and constantly out of the room. During review they are all lounging around half ass studying and two are listening to ipods... >.> I don't teach any of them so I don't feel like being the enforcer.

Side note, for the grade 8 History test for Honors level we had them read challenging handout and some sections out of their weakling textbook about French and British Monarchy, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, Revolutions (including French and American), and Napoleon. Not easy, but I can say I really prepared my students and talked all about it during class and spiced it up with amusing side stories and explanations. I love this period!!!!!!

So, I de-rail... during the review a girl from another teachers' Honors class asks me some questions about the old regime and Old order from her handout. I quickly saw that 3/4 of the page was highlighted in the same color... which kinda defeats the whole point so I braced myself and told her we could read it together. I read and explained the estate set up and quizzed her on the terms as we read. Her exam was in 15 minutes and she was clueless!!!!! Then at the end of the paragraph it talked about how the Aristocracy and Bourgeous and something about Grievances. I explained it all and she asked what Grievances... I explained about how the nobles and clergy weren't taxed and how the peasants and new Middle class paid the big taxes and didn't receive the benefits while the Aristocracy got to exist in luxury without any purpose. She clearly didn't know what the hell was going on, but didn't ask me any more questions.

Then it dawned on me. Judging by her clothes and the kind of kids at my school I knew that she would have more wealth than me from the rest of our lives. Hell, her ALLOWANCE might be more than my salary >.> Grievances!? Grievances I thought! Ha!!!! A modern day example stood in front of me. My education and understanding of history and the world is never going to bring me the wealth she already has >.> Meanwhile, she could go the rest of her life being an airhead and bumped into Honors classes without knowing what the hell is going on and even live off her families money in ignorant bliss for all of her life... with no purpose or real contribution to society, just like the 2nd estate (Aristocracy)! While I will remain in the 3rd estate as a barely middle class member contributing as a teacher or whatever. A new revolution could remove her and other similar members of her social class from existence and only their consumption vacuum will be noticed or missed. She exists to consume and keep the market balloon inflated or something like that.

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
6:00 am
obligatory drunk post
Hello LJ,

I recently learned that 95% of all Chinese beer is fermented with Fermeldehide (spelling?). Since then I have switched to cooper's Australian import beer. Tasty and potent. I am very toasty after drinking only 2.5 bottles.

Who shows up to happy hour between 5-8 and buys schoolgirl related porn? Teachers!!!!!!

I go back back to American in around 2.5 weeks (WOOT!). Only 3 more days of actual teaching (bigger WOOOOOOOT!!!!). I know that my motivation/desire for hash and beer will diminish when I no longer have to teacher 6th grade History classes that have a mix of beaten/abused children that are attention starved, kids that ask insane off topic "What if" questions, kids that don't listen cuz they have a tutor whom their parents pay more than I get to teach them at home for an equal amount of time as I teach them in class ... and I still get caught correcting all their work >.>, the kid who needs tons of attention, the kid that doesn't know WHAT Europe is (In any language) or where it is, the kids that are UBER geniuses that soak up everything I say, and the kids that don't get it after the 5th time just drive me to drink and smoke up... no if or buts about it...

I discovered earlier today that I can do a dead on impression of a Russian imitating a retarded Texan saying "The children is learning."

Meh, that's all I got for now.... I will rant sober with scandals later.

Current Mood: drunk
Monday, January 28th, 2008
3:40 pm
addiction is bad or addiction to the escape that which prevents my existential crisis
I am addicted to final fantasy XI (online), caffeine, and porn. As a side note porn is ok, but i think my porn is too violent. I don't think its good for me. My room is a mess too. I look presentable and I am healthy and well groomed (heh, I sound like an animal) and I get enough sleep. Oh and I use the conjunction "and" too much. My G.P.A. was 3.2 last year, so I am getting stuff accomplished more or less. Oh, and I occasionally drink beer and play beer pong. Study, FFXI, and... beer, a couple tv shows, and such.

WHY?! Escape. I need this escape to keep my mind busy or I will fall back into existential crisis. I must keep myself busy. Overwhelming tasks. Can I change the world? Will it let me?

Anywhere in the world and I am here. Did I choose to be here or am I here by circumstance? Am I following happiness? Nah, I am living in the place with a higher concentration of my friends and where I can better myself through studying to prepare for a possible future career? maybe?

I feel like I am so very far from what is natural. The concrete streets, sidewalks, homes, drinking from a glass, forks, the sky... something seems wrong. I am feeling less and less connected from humanity. Is it because so much of humanity isn't really worth much? That is really harsh. Pain and suffering in a perpetual cycle. I think I understand Buddha a little bit more now.... but shaving my head, sifting water through my teeth to not harm anything, not eating after 12 o'clock noon and being a conduit of merit for buddhists trying get a more favorable reincarnation as my sole means of getting food doesn't appeal to me. This sounds even less natural. Buddha was brilliant but how its worshipped is weird.

I went Grocery shopping at Walmart the other day because it has a subway in it and i wanted a sandwhich on my way out. At the end of my street the STOP sign had a sticker on it reading "Shopping at Walmart." It was as if someone was trying to make me feel guilty for shopping there. Whenever I go to Walmart I can feel my crisis start to surface as I start to think about where all of the products come from. Lowest possible cost means there is a lot of figurative blood and suffering in all of the products. Blind cats and bunnies harmed in the cosmetics section, poor uneducated and unprotected African Laborers carrying out "mildly" radioactive cobolt used for our rechargeable batteries in the electronics, Chinese countryside people working 100 hour weeks producing the household products meanwhile being happy they even have work, and ... now that I think about it the animals cruelly handled in the food section.

All in all, I can't think about the above and go about with my day with any sanity. Inconvenient truth all around me. I feel forced to look away and try to forget or at least distract my mind from the pain and suffering I can not alleviate and worse off I perpetuate through its consumption. My purpose is to consume and live off the suffering of others. I am an American. Now let me tell you why you are bad and how you can be like us. Here, have a loan and then be obligated to be like us.

I cannot change this process. I cannot escape it. Its ramifications are everywhere. The communists are worse. What is the solution? Educated consumption? Elitist's telling others why they are bad and not understanding why they can't buy more expensive stuff with less suffering connected to it.

Anyhoo, my addictions are why I don't blog a lot, but I have my addictions to distract myself from the inconvenient truth. Now the most difficult decision of my day is to do my homework before or after I distract myself with FFXI. Is this depression? Are my defense mechanisms not working and letting me see the world as it is? Fuck it, I don't want to shut my eyes to this. I just feel helpless to do anything about it. I can only change myself.
Monday, November 5th, 2007
4:45 pm
Hey Journal
I should update more ;_; I have been spending most of my free time studying, going to lectures, playing computer games, and drinking. Somehow I got out of the habit of reflecting all of my days thoughts. Instead I am filling my brain with mindless FFXI tasks and trying to better understand History and how and why the world is how it is.

I had a dream i was a ninja/master of disguise type thief last night. It got a little too surreal at times I forced myself awake a few times and then fell right back into the same dream!!! I remember having to hide from someone, being in a mall grocery store, stealing someones cart when they looked away, pushing the cart away and then sneaking off (perhaps on a horse???) and then the people who's cart I stole approached another person looking like me from behind and then having the person turn around to be someone else wearing a wig? I also may have thrown a smoke bomb or lept over the aisle shelf to sneak away. I am not sure... I think I was able to attempt to steal the cart more than once? Like I said... it was surreal. You don't need shrooms when you have bizarro ninja dreams :P

INDIA vs. PAKISTAN and PAKISTAN vs. PAKISTAN This conflict could get my ass drafted >< Do we all realize what it means for Pakistan to have to call marshall law? The leader literally had to call the army in to protect his position as leader! Protect me protect me ahhhhh! Well, if his ass and army are killed off or disband and the islamic fundies get in their and take their nukes what will happen? They will wipe out Israel, and with whatever is left will be thrown at India and I will be god damned if our fuck'n military alliances and obligations to the world as the motherfuk'n world police won't suck us into their petty stone religious squabbles and destroy half the planet in the process!!! Yes, this could happen and it could suck me and all of my peers into the army to get those weapons >.<' '>.<; ;>.<' What will China and the U.N. do? Will we be forced to contain this threat and be perceived as over stepping our boundary? Or will the other islamic fundies all jihad us while in Pakistan? Save the world? nah, just keep in going for a bit longer. This could SO explode into WWIII... we will see.
Friday, October 5th, 2007
1:38 am
consumption Vs. production
Americans by and large define themselves by what they consume, not by what they produce.

Henry Ford made it to the 8th grade and apparently hated Jews?

Truman was the last president to only have a high school education. LOL high school education. The most influential person in any town is the librarian and the school board. The librarian decides what books are available and the school board decides what students are going to learn and what version of History to present... not the teacher themselves... Its enough to make me not want to teach in America. Let the taxpayers pay for half my tuition at the state school then I just want to get the hell out this god damn shit hole of a state. Do we have Gov't again yet??? Or teach at a private school in America... but they get paid less. Maybe I will try to teach at an International school in Taiwa or else where? Anywhere that will let me actually tell young people all/most of the horrible things that have happened in the 20th Century and more. SHSID (the school I taught at in Shanghai) let me talk about religion, even the origins of monotheism, the rape of Nanjing (including video of an interviews with aChinese women who had her womb bayonetted by Japanese soldiers after she resisted being raped), Communism, Capitalism, Russian revolution, enlightenment, Psychoanalysis, evolution, and more... I just couldn't talk about Tiamen square, Taiwan being a nation (I could talk about it individually with students, I just couldn't put it on a test or lecture about it), or anything critical about teachers, the school, or China in general. Er, I could but I would have to offer a another point of view or say this is the opinion of... or this is what they believe. I don't think I have even this much freedom as a teacher in the states. *sigh...* Let's just waste tax payer money on my education only to have me leave and work elsewhere and then create wealth abroad to educate the children of wealthy producers (as in people who create stuff) in other nations so those same objects can be consumed in America.

I am seeing America more and more as a giant vacuum for the world's stuff. Uh, I even resent this. OH, and let's not use any of our trillion dollars in taxes to help keep poor sick children alive. Instead let's outlaw abortion and then suggest that poor mothers who can't afford a kid carry it for 9 months and then give it away! Or raise it despite any and all short falls, and then not assist the mother in any way or provide it or any other poor sick children with healthcare >.< AHHHH! Oh, and let's mark up medicine and healthcare even more so 5 minutes of a doctors time can cost a days wage or more... Can't we just have a seperation of good qualified doctors and kind of qualified doctors? You go to the kind of qualified ones for small problems and basic prescriptions and the real one for serious problems. It would be cheaper and create a healthier nation. OR: We could start practicing Qi Gong walking like in China!

This walk is for cancer patients

This walk is for cardiovascular improvement

This is my favorite!

For a bad back

Oh, and this one is purely for our amusement

SO! If we don't want to improve our healthcare then maybe we can borrow some ideas from the elderly Chinese...

Our economy is balancing between consumption and production. They must meet each other. Sure, over production will lead to lower prices short term as supply increases, but will eventually lead to economic depression where there are farmers who can't sell their food and hungry people with no money that can't buy the farmers food >.< Fuck currency! Er... let's keep it for now.

America burned German books during WWI and banned German music. OH, and people were arrested for questioning the gov't and speaking out. Its amazing we have held onto any of our rights. Our socialist representive Eugene Debs was imprisoned. We look at History like it had to be this way, but NO, it was dynamic and ever changing. Looking back it almost amazing to think things happened the way they did... because they didn't have to!

Honestly, I don't know what this post is all about, nor do I claim any responsibility for its organization or lack there of. ummmm, here.
Friday, December 15th, 2006
1:30 am
Wednesday, September 27th, 2006
8:31 am
Teasing students
Taishu is a 7th grade Japanese student with really good English and a more western attitude. He sorta rudely corrected me when I mispronounced his name. Now, I have SLAUGHTERED the pronounciation of students names before, but no one really rudely corrects me. Anyhoo, after Taishu corrected me a little rudely and wasn't very patient with my attempts and corrections I decided to just call him "Tissue." The other students thought this was hilarious!
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
4:13 pm
Shouldn't this be making major headlines or something?!?!?!?!
"The United Nations warned that the longer a spill of 110,000 barrels of oil is not cleaned up from Lebanon's coast, the more severe the environmental impact will be. The oil spilled two weeks ago after Israeli warplanes hit a coastal power plant.

A quote from the end of an article link courtesy of Chucknoblet
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
2:10 am
When people tell you that vodka "mixes well with anything," slide them a jar of mayonaise. Its time for them to practice what they preach.
Friday, April 28th, 2006
8:19 am
Where was this this said? (1 point)

Who specifically said this? (3 point)

"I hired a Private eye to find out who was cobbling all the shoes in my house at night.... It turns out I have severe Schizophrenia."
Saturday, April 8th, 2006
11:26 pm
I saw a cool jackjones jacket last Tuesday. It was a white sports coat with thin black vertical stripes and it had a solid black hood it was nice! I <3 Jack Jones! However, it was only available in S and extra small. I tall and a little skinny. I spent Friday evening and Saturday afternoon (just got back) going to all the other Jack Jones all other the city. I COULD NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE! AND THE ONLY PLACE THAT HAD IT DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING BIGGER THAN SMALL!!! ;_; I survived... The jacket was 75 dollars... I bought a trendy vintage shirt for 30 instead (30 USD). It is a black colored mechanic work shirt. It is sweet! It is a little smaller than my other shirts, but thats the style. I also bought some adidas shower gel and a luffa (the luffa came with a dead skin scrubby brush, a tiny mirror and a brush). I feel a little metro. In the past, I have only put soap on body parts that smelled bad. Now, that will change.

I am developing the yellow fever. While hunting down the elusive Jack Jones jacket and searching for the luffa and shower gel I was also people watching. It is not taboo for Chinese people to stare. However, I caught some ladies doing double takes in periphial. I AM THE HAWT! AND/OR it confirms the trendiness of my shirt. Or its all in my head. This yellow fever will not end well. Most of the pretty young women can speak very little English, and I can barely order noodles or give a taxi directions much less flirt in Chinese. This frusteration has of course lead to a large porn collection. I feel lucky that porn DVDs are cheap here (after bargaining I can get a porn DVD for around $2.50 USD).

I love walking around in this city! I can go anywhere at any time and feel completely safe! I also love the multitude of shopping opportunities AND bootlegs! Perhaps most of all, I love the variety of restaurants available and their relative low cost!

I had Turkish on Saturday
Cantonese Dim Sum on Sunday
Korean BBQ on Monday
American diner food on Tuesday
French style pastries on Wednesday
Chinese cafeteria style diced chicken peanuts over rice with a spicy sauce on Thursday
All you can eat Brazilian style !!!STEAK!!! and salad bar (10 USD!!!) on Friday
AND a chicken Caesar salad today for lunch

These venues are scattered ALL over the city, but they are fun to track down. THE FOOD IS SO GOOD!

Everything is so cheap! I know I spent 30 on a shirt, but with the money I save NOT drinking at the bars, I can afford a nice shirt every now and then.

So, there a new Judas scripture was released. It doesn't surprise me at all that (or if) Judas was asked by JC himself to portray him in order to make him a martyr for his cause. What cause? To save us all for ourselves! To the simple folk understand that "if you harm or attempt to harm anyone OR do anything bad, THEN you are really just hurting yourself." Ok, maybe I am putting words in the mouth of JC and MAYBE I putting him up a pedestal that he doesn't deserve (Ya, I know some people believe he is the son of god, but I STILL may be going to far by suggesting that he understood what Plato wrote in the Republic and even what was written in a simple, 1/3 of a page Aesop fable.) How have managed to convince myself that I understand religion better than the catholic church? OR ANY CHURCH? I studied some social science and rather briefly studied religion in a critical way. There, I understand religion better than the church.

Furthermore, in the Christian tradition, salvation comes through faith. The gospel of Judas suggests that it comes through special knowledge. I don't know what that means, but it sounds like what was explained in the short aesop fable and was LOGICALLY argued over MANY MANY pages in the The Republic. If Jesus understood this knowledge (again, I might be putting him up on too high of a pedestital) then that could be what Judas meant? I dunno...

I have video games to play and I need a haircut.
Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
10:16 am
A quiz and a quote
1. A wise person knows...
a) everything
b) nothing
c) depends on whether or not you are Christian
d) green
e) 47
f) Depends on what theory of knowledge you are using

Please respond and later I will post my answer

Reid: "Does this lipstick make me look like a clown?

Cox: "No. Not so much as it makes you look like a prostitute that caters EXCLUSIVELY to clowns."
Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
10:13 am
I am sitting at my desk eating a breakfast food that I named "sweet stickyrice fried bread cylinder." I assure you, there is no English word for it. Cereal or eggs and toast? no thank you, I would rather have my "sweet stickyrice fried bread cylinder." All I can hope for is that my bravery in trying a new food doesn't give me massively painful diahrea.

Have I mentioned that I live in a ghetto and that I pass by a brothel (only open at night) every morning on my 5 minute walk to the alley to get breakfast? In addition, there is an essentially homeless family that set up a tent (oh ya, and they have a tv, bed, and light bulb... along with the fruit! in their makeshift tent that is not more 10X15 feet) and fruit stand in a vacant space where a building was torn down and you can even still see the tile floor of the former building.

I think WAY too much about school outside of school :( I really cleared my head yesterday by going out, getting a burger (AMERICAN DINER STYLE!) and then spending an hour at an arcade. I played this SWEET high graphic game called Ghost squadron that gave you a machine gun that you actually hold and point at the screen. None of that mounted machine gun shit, I want and LOVE the machine I hold! Plus, I got to save hostages, get quick shot bonuses, and get bonused for doing disabling shots. Oh ya, and i got to shoot grenades and sniper rifles and choose different paths! THEN I wasted a bunch of money on the crane game trying to get a monkey backpack and then a sonic stuffed animal.

OH OH OH, and then me and Tim found this Sonic rocket shit game thingy that is meant for REALLY little kids. I thought my weight alone would break it, BUT it said it could accomodate THREE people! So me and Tim climbed in! The whole rocket moved and you could move the ship on monitor too... but there were no points or health bars... I think it is meant for really little kids. I felt a little odd being in it, and then a Chinese guy in a Business suit with his girlfriend or wife kinda looked at us funny (gee I dunno why, maybe cuz a for an oversized foreigner and Chinese guy were crammed into a kid size arcade game? Oh, and when we left, the business guy (along with his briefcase) and his ladyfriend climbed into the kid sized arcade game.... it is my goal right now to make out with a girl in that arcade game.
Monday, January 9th, 2006
11:59 am
In strictly theoretical terms
In a game similiar to Pictionary (I draw part of a picture on the board and the students guess what it is, if they guess they get chocolate), is it possible to draw a MUSHROOM on the white board WITHOUT the mushroom looking like a PENIS? Ya, I didn't think so :(
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